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2011-08-01 · Atelectasis as a Cause of Postoperative Fever: Where Is the Clinical Evidence? Background. Atelectasis is considered to be the most common cause of early postoperative fever (EPF) but the existing Methods. We performed a systematic search in PubMed and Scopus databases to identify studies A systematic review 1 identified 8 studies that collectively included 998 patients, and only 1 study reported a significant association between atelectasis and postoperative fever. The authors concluded that there is no evidence supporting the concept that atelectasis is associated with postoperative fever.

Atelectasis does not cause post-op fever!

Pre- och postoperativa omvårdnadsåtgärder i samband med

by fluid) within Human patients report less postoperative discomfort following an open  Impacts of African swine fever outbreaks in northern Uganda. Erika Chenais, Statens mine appropriate treatment, post-operative radiographs to ensure that the eral lung; compression atelectasis, caused by compression of normal lung  Atelectasis is considered to be the most common cause of early postoperative fever (EPF) but the existing evidence is contradictory. We sought to determine if atelectasis is associated with EPF by analyzing the relevant published evidence.

Postoperative fever atelectasis

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Postoperative fever atelectasis

Fever was an accurate indicator of x-ray evidence of atelectasis in only 56% of the subjects. Therefore, neither the presence nor the absence of fever can assure clinicians of the presence or absence of a postoperative pathologic pulmonary complication such as atelectasis. The most common cause of a postoperative fever in the first 48 hours after the procedure is atelectasis. The patients has a low-grade fever, malaise, and diminished breath sounds in the lower lung fields.

Very often the patient is uncomfortable from the fever but has no other overt pulmonary symptoms. Atelectasis does not cause post-op fever! Look for other causes of early postoperative inflammatory response. Post-operative care can be collaborative.
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Postoperative fever atelectasis

Atelectasis was associated with neither the presence nor the severity Although atelectasis is considered to be the most common cause of early postoperative fever, the existing evidence is contradictory. In a study by Mavros et al, they found no clinical evidence Atelectasis is also very common in the immediate postoperative period, seen in up to 90% of patients by postoperative day 3, and is often taught as the primary cause of fever in the immediate postoperative period.

While the definition of fever is variable, many use 38°C (100.4°F) as the threshold, although this can be hospital and unit specific [ 1-3 ].
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The remaining studies, including two that utilised CT scanning of the chest, failed to find any association (8-12).